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Thank you for choosing our cookware. To ensure a long and pleasant experience, please review this information before you use your cookware. These instructions and product guides are for your general safety to avoid personal injury and damage to your cookware.

General Use & Care

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Ceramic/Glass Stovetops

Cooking Tips for High Performance Cookware: NanoBond has greater stick resistance compared to traditional stainless steel cookware but it is NOT NONSTICK. Stick resistant properties can be achieved by following two key concepts to help guarantee success: correct temperature control and the right fat to create a “barrier” to prevent foods from sticking. We recommend preheating the pan on medium to medium-high heat then add in the fat of your choice, then add your food and allow it to caramelize and release on its own. For delicate foods such as eggs and fish, we suggest using an emulsified fat like butter or nonstick cooking spray for best results, again allowing the pan to preheat and the foods to caramelize and release on its own. There is no residue buildup from using nonstick cooking sprays that you might see on traditional nonstick pans because NanoBond’s non-porous surface is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Utensils: Metal whisks, spoons and spatulas are safe. However, sharp-edged tools such as forks and knives should not be used, and knives should never be used to cut inside the pan. Scratches due to sharp-edged tools are not covered under warranty. NanoBond’s surface is highly scratch resistant when compared to traditional stainless steel but is not scratch proof. Minor scratches do not affect the performance of NanoBond cookware.

Oven Use:Always use potholders or oven mitts when removing cookware from the oven. This cookware is broiler-safe and oven-safe to 1050°F/566°C.

Oil: Use caution as oils can quickly overheat and cause a fire.

Match Pan Size to Burner Size: Use burners that are the same size as the pan you are using. Adjust gas flame so that it does not extend up the sides of the pan.

Microwaves: Never use your cookware in the microwave.

Safety: Keep small children away from the stove while you are cooking. Never allow a child to sit near or under the stove while cooking. Be careful around the stove as heat, steam and splatters can cause burns.

Unattended Cooking: Never allow your cookware to boil dry, and never leave an empty pan on a hot burner. An unattended, empty pan on a hot burner can get extremely hot, which can cause personal injury and/or property damage. These pans may become warped if allowed to boil dry.