TITUM™ Nonstick System

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TITUM™ is more than just a nonstick cooking surface. The 5-layer TITUM™ system ensures resilience and durability for countless meals to come.

Three-Layer nonstick reinforced with diamond particles

TITUM plasma primer provides strength and durability

Stainless steeel body with sandblasted surface treatment to guarantee increased grip for nonstick coating


22x More Durable

Superior Searing

Innovated for Chefs

ProBond Performance

TITUMTM durability goes beyond the cooking surface. The 5-layer system includes 3 layers of PFOA-free nonstick, which is reinforced with diamond particles and anchored to the pan with titanium plasma technology. TITUMTM is 20x more resilient than standard nonstick.

Tech Features

Abrasion Resistant

TITUM’s PFOA-free surface is reinforced with 5-layer construction to make the skillet virtually impervious to scrapes and scratches.

Better Browning

Diamond and titanium particles create a textured cooking surface, which captures fats and oils for exceptional browning and searing.

Rims & Strong Base

Forged steel guarantees a thicker base for even heat distribution, with thick, sealed rims allow for increased durability while 100% dishwasher safe.


French-inspired handle for greater comfort and total control.


Flush NanoBond™ rivets prevent food buildup and allow for easy cleaning.

Heat Conduction & Cooking Area

Hestan’s ProCore™ provides 35% greater heat conductivity and 20% greater cooking surface area.