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Yes, all 3 Hestan Cookware collections are optimized for induction. The cookware is designed with wider bases for quick heating and increased surface area. Magnetic stainless exteriors ensure induction compatibility. The CopperBond line features a revolutionary wrap-around stainless-steel base for optimized induction efficiency and durability.

No, Hestan cookware is metal utensil safe. Just avoid sharp metal tools such as knives and forks that can scratch.

To return or exchange an item, please start by visiting our Refund Policy page for details.


Should you have a problem with your cookware, please contact us by phone to our Consumer Service Department at 1-855-PEI-PANS (734-7267).

Our Hestan skillets do not come with lids and they are not available for purchase separately at this time unfortunately. However, there are pieces within the line that have compatible lids. Here is a guide below:

8.5″ skillet – 3 qt saucepan, 3 qt soup pot

11″ skillet – 3.5qt sauté, 3.5qt sauteuse, 8qt stockpot

12.5″ skillet – 5 qt sauté

For special requests, please email us at customerservice@meyerpei.com

Hestan cookware has excellent space-saving ability. It’s stackable and nestable thanks to the graduated sizes and flush interior and exterior rivets.

Both the NanoBond and ProBond lines are designed with optimized 3 ply construction using the highest quality materials. We worked with chefs who wanted cookware that was lighter weight for better control and handling, yet high performance with quick and even heating.

Handles are made of cast stainless steel that can get hot under some conditions. Use caution when touching the handles. Potholders or oven mitts are recommended.

The 3 cookware collections have identical lids, handles and pan body shapes so we encourage mixing and matching according to your cooking needs.

Hestan is not affiliated with Heston Blumenthal in any way. Hestan is a combination of our founder’s names: Helen and Stanley Cheng. Learn more about the Hestan brand and innovative products lines here: https://www.hestanculinarycanada.myshopify.com

Here are some helpful tips from professional chefs when cooking on stainless steel pans:

Make sure the pan surface is clean.

Small attached food particles or residue can provide contact surfaces of the pan.

Allow foods to come to room temperature before adding them to the pan.

Placing chilled food in a heated pan causes sticking, even in stick-resistant pans.

Make sure the food surface is dry.

For proteins, such as meat and seafood, pat dry to remove any excess moisture before adding to the pan. This will enable better browning and food release.

Preheat the pan.

Preheat the dry pan on medium temperatures for a couple of minutes to ensure the pan is properly heated. Most often, sticking occurs when the pan and oil isn’t hot enough.For searing, you can test for the correct temperature by adding a couple droplets of water in the dry pan. They should float and “dance” on the surface of the pan and not boil and evaporate. Remove the water before adding any fat.

Add oil or butter.

A small amount of oil, butter or margarine is needed to lightly coat the surface of the pan. It’s important to heat the butter or oil to the right temperature so the food surface sears immediately.What to look for: Butter will melt, crackle and start to foam. When the butter stops making noise, add the food. Oil should begin to ripple and spread quickly over the surface of the pan. Add food to the pan before the oil starts smoking.If you are searing, we recommend using an oil with a higher smoke point like canola oil, peanut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil or ghee.

Add the food.

For proteins, allow to sear/cook for approximately 2-4 minutes without moving or flipping. The food may stick initially, but will release on its own once the moisture on the surface has evaporated and browning occurs.After the initial sear, you may need to lower the temperature to continue the cooking process. Hestan Cookware is extremely conductive requiring less heat.

Don’t overcrowd the pan.

Crowding lowers the temperature and releases moisture into the pan which prevents proper browning and food release. If needed, cook in batches.

Hestan cookware is designed with optimized construction and high performance materials. You may need to use slightly lower heat settings to adjust to this efficiency and increased heat conductivity.

Temporary bluing/discoloration may occur but it is normal and very easy to remove. It’s a food film residue caused by high heat, oil and trace minerals in the food you are cooking. It appears cloudy on stainless steel but more colorful on NanoBond due to the mirror-like surface. You can restore the titanium brilliance every time with a little stainless steel cleaner like Hestan Professional Cleaner and a Scotch-Brite pad. The surface is so resilient, even tough stains like polymerized oil or high heat oxidation can be clean like new, dish after dish.