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THOMAS KELLER INSIGNIA Commercial Clad Stainless

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The Insignia collection provides the culinary versatility you need to prepare any dish – from delicate sauces to seared steaks to family-style risotto. Exceptional materials elevate performance with greater heat conduction and balanced temperature. Impeccable details like sealed rims, flush rivets and no-gap handle ensure easy cleanability and durability for years of beautiful service. Nesting storage and universal lids reduce clutter in your cabinets when you’re not cooking. In the kitchen, beauty lies in utility. And Insignia delivers beautiful performance.

Insignia Innovation

Unrivaled Performance

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Optimized Sizing

Insignia’s exceptional materials and design combine for unparalleled function. The pure aluminum ProCore™ delivers 35% greater heat conduction than typical stainless. The shape of Insignia’s sidewalls creates 20% more cooking surface area in our sauté pans – which allows for better-balanced heat transfer and faster heat recovery as you add large ingredients.

Beauty, Versatility & Utility

Carefully-Curated Sets

Insignia’s 7-pc and 11-pc sets include everything you need to
elevate your culinary experience.

Bespoke Handle

Chef Keller’s handle design rests comfortably in hand, minimizes heat transfer and offers a more practical
angle for lifting.

Induction Capable

Insignia’s large-diameter bases deliver incredible performance and conduction on any heat source – gas, electric or induction.

TITUM Non-Stick

The most durable nonstick surface in the world, TITUM™ Nonstick, is PFOA-free and reinforced with diamonds and titanium. Available on sauté pans.

Greater Performance

Insignia delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than other aluminum clad cookware thanks to durable tri-ply construction, combining high-grade stainless steel with exclusive ProCore™ aluminum. The design of our sauté pans creates 20% more cooking surface area.

Flared Rims

Flared rims allow for drip-free pouring of sauces and reductions.