Thomas Keller Insignia Voted "Best Splurge" by Food & Wine

As seen in: Food & Wine's "We Tested the Best Egg Pans for Perfect Omelets, Scrambled Eggs, and More."

 Thomas Keller Insignia, our Chef-inspired, purpose built collection boasts triple-bonded stainless steel construction with our exclusive ProCore™ and features a one-of-a-kind seamless handle that eliminates one of the hardest to clean crevices. Finished with our exclusive TITUM nonstick that is reinforced with diamonds, this sauté pan raises the bar for professional culinary performance. 

"The ergonomic handle is designed to rest in your hand, and our testers love how easy it is to pick up and maneuver. It's easy to grip with a ridge to rest your finger on, and it's designed with a strategic vent that reduces heat transfer, meaning the handle stays cool even when cooking with high heat. We loved how slick the surface felt and had no trouble making omelets, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs."

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Jun 20, 2022