The Nonstick Skillet That Pros Call ‘the Cadillac of Pans’ Is on Rare Sale Right Now

That’s high praise from a Michelin-starred chef.

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what chefs, bakers, baristas, and other industry pros use at home. Not the fresh produce and the high-quality proteins, but the pots, pans, and gadgets that make their home kitchens run smoothly. In this installment of our ‘Try This at Home’ series, we asked Chef Michael Cimrusti of Providence in Los Angeles about the one kitchen product he thinks every home cook should own.

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you the same thing: You need a good skillet at home. But, which one and what kind? While chefs all across the country and the world use beat-up stainless steel skillets day in and day out at their restaurant, what are they using at home?

Well, for Michael Cimarusti of Providence, a Michelin-starred seafood restaurant in Los Angeles, there’s only one option. In fact, he calls it “the Cadillac of pans,” and better yet, it’s even on sale right now.

Hestan might not be as synonymous with stainless cladded cookware as brands like All-Clad or Calphalon, but its quality is top-notch. This 8.5-inch nonstick skillet has three layers of metal cladded together, and includes a pure aluminum core to help with conductivity. As for the nonstick element, it’s a five-layer system, according to the brand, consisting of three layers of PFOA-free nonstick, reinforced with diamond particles and anchored to the pan with titanium plasma technology.

Bottom line: This pan is handcrafted in Italy with fantastic materials, and the nonstick coating is designed to last.

Cimarusti loves this pan for more reasons than one, but above all, he values its conductivity. “You need a pan that heats up quickly and gives you even heat across a surface,” he says, “and Hestan has nailed this. Not only does this pan heat up quickly, but it maintains heat, and disperses it evenly.”

Cimarusti says he loves this pan for cooking eggs, fish with the skin on, or anything delicate. Because of his rave review, I decided I needed to try one, and the brand sent me a sample. While I can’t say that the nonstick coating lasts longer than others (I haven’t used it enough yet), I can say the pan is an absolute workhorse. The heat control is fantastic, and the nonstick coating makes onions slide around like they’re figure skaters on a patch of frozen ice.

If you’re looking for a pan to use every day, this one might be the one. Grab one while it’s still $50 off at Hestan.


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