How To Make Perfect Eggs Every Time with NanoBond


Whether you like your eggs, scrambled, over-easy or in an omelet, our Cookware Concierge, Michael Kane has the best tips to make perfect eggs using our best-selling NanoBond collection.

Since our patented NanoBond technology and pure aluminum ProCore core provide 35% more heat conductivity than typical stainless steel, excessive heat is not needed; the key to getting the pan to release is using low to medium heat. 

How to Make Perfect Eggs

1. To see NanoBond to perform at it's best, preheat the pan using medium heat with nothing in it.

2. Once the pan is preheated (this will not take long at all), add butter, margarine or nonstick cooking spray (which is only safe with Nanobond cookware and not regular stainless steel).

3. Add your eggs to the pan, and allow them to set. For a fried egg, look for the egg white to turn from translucent to opaque. For scrambled eggs and omelets, allow them to set and use your spatula to move the cooked scramble eggs out of the way for the uncooked egg to fill in around it and continue to cook. 

4. Once your eggs are cooked to your desired doneness and if you have properly heated the pan, you'll find the eggs will slide around without sticking. Turn off the heat and serve as desired. 

5. To restore the brilliant shine of your NanoBond cookware, use our NanoBond Professional Grade Cleaner every time. 


Concierge Pro Tip: Instead of preheating the pan before adding your butter, put the butter in the cold pan and heat them up together, medium flame. When the butter does its foamy white sizzle thing it is time to put your eggs into the skillet. This eliminates the potential overheating of the pan during the "preheat" phase which eggs are very sensitive about. 


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Jun 12, 2022