Hestan Culinary Partners with Hedley & Bennett to Develop Luxury Chef’s Apron

We are proud to announce our partnership with Hedley & Bennett, provider of quality chef aprons and kitchen gear. Hedley& Bennett has been the proud leader in premium aprons for chefs and home cooks since 2012. Because better gear can make you a better cook. Their premium product and chef-inspired brand go hand in hand with the Hestan lifestyle and products.


Chef's Apron in Citra

The Hestan x Hedley & Bennett Chef's Apron is made in the USA featuring durable hardware, roomy pockets for a thermometer or tools, canvas loops for towel or tongs, and extra-long wait straps.

The aprons are made of 100% cotton canvas in a charcoal grey with contrasting-colored straps. Each strap color was selected to match our award-winning appliances and grills, including citra (orange), sol (yellow), matador (red), bora bora (turquoise), and froth (white). The apron is also available in a navy color made from heavy duty waxed canvas with leather neck straps, developed specifically for grilling. 


Waxman Grilling Apron with Leather Straps

“Hestan is thrilled to be collaborating with Hedley & Bennett to create a professional quality product that fulfills a need for chefs and home cooks alike. We’re excited to be working with a brand that aligns with our values and deems details and design of the utmost importance,” said Pamela Stafford, Managing Director and Co-founder at Hestan Culinary.


“Hedley & Bennett is on a mission to inspire and empower creativity in the kitchen and as such we are thrilled to work with Hestan,” said Ellen Bennett, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Hedley & Bennett.  “Both brands make high quality products for both professionals and home cooks alike ensuring everyone is properly equipped for the best possible result. We hope with this collaboration we can help Hestan continue to bring the dreamiest kitchens to life.”

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