Hestan Culinary Introduces Thomas Keller Insignia Cookware Collection in Collaboration with Namesake Chef

Hestan Culinary is proud to introduce the Thomas Keller Insignia® cookware collection, created in close collaboration with acclaimed Chef Thomas Keller for both the at-home chef and culinary professional. Informed by Chef Keller’s 27 years helming America’s award-winning restaurants, Insignia sets a new standard of excellence for professional quality cookware. “This is cookware designed from a chef’s point of view. Each tool must help us cook better, which is why I worked with Hestan to design the Insignia collection. We not only wanted to create beautiful cookware, but exceptionally functional and durable cookware that will enable anyone to cook like a chef. I am extremely proud of this collection,” shares Chef Keller.

Chef Thomas Keller was instrumental in the design, development, and innovation of every piece of Insignia cookware – resulting in an exceptionally thoughtful and practical collection featuring revolutionary engineering. Rigorously tested and now used in Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurant kitchens, the collection’s numerous design innovations include a uniquely crafted seamless handle that eliminates the presence of a food trapping crevice for easier cleaning, and a heat vent to ensure the handle stays cool to the touch while cooking. Also distinctive to Insignia are flush rivets, which create a seamless interior cooking surface that prevents food buildup and allows for convenient nesting for space-saving storage. Additionally, the cookware has rolled edges so that liquids pour out in a perfect stream. Handcrafted in Italy, Insignia’s professional clad stainless steel construction features Hestan’s signature aluminum ProCore™ for 35 percent greater heat conductivity, increased responsiveness to temperature changes compared to typical clad stainless cookware, and supremely even heat distribution without hotspots. Other key design features of Insignia’s innovative, chef collection include:

Universal lid system eliminates the need for multiple lid sizes, thereby eliminating storage clutter, and reducing manufacturing wste for more sustainable cookware. The vented lid allows steam to escape prevent messy boil-overs and rattling.


Chef-inspired vessels, such as the saucier and rondeau are popular items used in commercial restaurant kitchens. Steel-encased sealed and flared rims won't separate or delaminate. Induction-suitable, dishwasher safe, lightly brushed commercial-inspired stainless steel design is easy to clean and remains brilliant use after use in restaurant and home kitchens.

Select pieces have Hestan's signature TITUM™ NonStick multi-layer system, which is PFOA-free and reinforced with diamond particles to create the most durable nonstick.

Oven and broiler safe to 600 degrees F (with exception of TITUM NonStick items which are oven safe to 500 degrees F. This collection also includes a lifetime warranty.

 Thomas Keller Insignia is purpose-built to optimize cookware performance, dish after dish. “Most cookware collections increase capacity by simply building the vessel taller. This has never made sense to me. It may hold more volume, but it reduces contact with the cooking surface. With Insignia, our bases grow wider in relation to the capacity so your food can cook evenly across a larger cooking surface,” Chef Keller explains.

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Oct 13, 2021