Five Ways To Cook With Your Sauteus

From searing the perfect steak to baking your favorite cake, the 3.5qt Sauteuse is a true game-changer in the kitchen.

1. Searing Your Favorite Steak

Our pure aluminum ProCore™ technology allows for 35% greater heat conduction and 20% more cooking surface, ensuring perfectly browned proteins without crowding or steaming your food.


2. Grilling with NanoBond

 Your sauteuse isn’t just for the stovetop. The NanoBond Sauteuse is high-heat tolerant to 1050°F and features two ergonomic loop handles for an easy transfer to and from the grill.


3. Braising is a Breeze

From searing on the stovetop to slow cooking in the oven, this induction-capable vessel is the pinnacle of versatility and the perfect size and shape for braising.


4. Casseroles From Oven To Table

At 3.5qt, the CopperBond Sauteuse offers the ideal capacity for baking casseroles, and the beauty for serving them from oven to table.


5. Desserts in the Oven

Cakes, cobblers, brownies – you name it, the sauteuse can bake it. The flush rivets won’t dent your cake and make cleanup a breeze.


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Mar 29, 2022