CopperBond Sauteuse Named "Design Icon"

Author: Kerrie Kelly, Interior Designer & Hestan Brand Ambassador

Design Icon: The enduring appeal of the Hestan Culinary CopperBond 3.5qt Sautéuse

With so many innovative and beautiful cookware pieces in the Hestan Culinary line-up, it can be intimidating to choose what one piece should start your new collection. We think the Hestan Culinary CopperBond 3.5qt Sautéuse is a classic you’ll love forever. This versatile vessel is perfect for searing, braising, crafting cozy casseroles, or even concocting a decadent dessert. Both durable and elegant, the sautéuse pan has been constructed from 5-layers of stainless steel and a 100% copper core for quick, even heating and exceptional temperature control. The stainless steel lid rests snug on the rim to lock in vital heat for rich flavorful braises and one-pot meals. Check out the different ways you can use the Sauteuse pan here.

The Design Icon

Hestan Culinary CopperBond 3.5qt Sauteuse

Who Designed It

Chef-inspired and designed by Stanley Cheng, this piece is handcrafted in Italy.

When & How

Hestan Culinary is born from Hestan's longstanding culture of culinary innovation. Hestan founder Stanley Cheng pioneered hard-anodized aluminum cookware in the 1970s - the breakthrough that ushered in nonstick cookware. Every piece of NanoBond®, ProBond®, CopperBond®, and Thomas Keller Insignia™ are made in our own Italian factories, ensuring the highest standards of fit and finish.

Why We Love It

The ergonomic handle has been designed for maximum comfort and control, and is secured with flush rivets for easy cleaning and nesting storage capability. Handcrafted in Italy, this innovative, induction compatible sautéuse pan is oven safe to 600°F for superior cooking versatility. The Hestan Advantage flush rivets, make Hestan cookware easy to clean by preventing food build up. They are also ideal for stacking and nesting. The appealing proportions reflect specifications of 14.5”L x 10.87”D x 4.88”H.

Why You'll Love It Forever

Put simply, a Hestan Culinary CopperBond 3.5qt Sautéuse brings joy and comfort to a kitchen. The innovative 5-layer bonded construction with a thick 100% pure copper core for quick heating, exceptional temperature control, and even heat distribution makes cooking a breeze. The revolutionary wrap-around stainless steel base for enhanced durability and optimized for induction efficiency is a mark that this piece will last for years to come. Reinforced rims with beautiful and modern copper-stainless exterior make this piece oven safe to 600°F. And the lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt either. To restore the shiny appearance, use a copper polish and dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.

What Makes a Design Icon?

 Recognizable cookware that deserves the spotlight.
 Innovative design.
 Longevity that truly stands the test of time.
 Serves as an object of desire – beautiful and useful, too.


About Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly knows that Everyone Deserves Great DesignTM. With that vision, Kerrie founded her California-based Kerrie Kelly Design Lab (KKDL) in 1995 to make great design more accessible. As CEO & Creative Director of KKDL, she leads a team of exceptional designers and has built long-term relationships with her brand partners.

Kerrie’s background in construction and business drives her innovation in the field of interior design, which goes hand in hand with Hestan's constant drive for culinary perfection through innovation.

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