Chef Thomas Keller Named Hestan Culinary Brand Ambassador

After more than 40 years helming America’s most acclaimed restaurants, Chef Thomas Keller knows his cookware – down to the angle of the handle. Knowing Hestan shared his attention to detail and passion for innovation, Keller brought his cookware ideas to our table. Together, we are redefining culinary performance with meticulous design and exceptional materials.

 As part of this collaboration, Chef Thomas Keller has officially joined the Hestan Culinary team as Brand Ambassador. America’s most acclaimed chef, Thomas Keller is a true culinary pioneer.  We were honored when he chose Hestan cookware for his restaurants including The French Laundry, Bouchon, Per Se, Ad Hoc and The Surf Club Restaurant. Now his insight and inspiration are driving great new things to come. 

Keller and Hestan have a longstanding history of innovation. He helped inform the design of Hestan Commercial. You’ll find Hestan custom suites and ranges in his restaurant’s kitchens across the country. Chef Keller also helped Hestan usher in a new level of performance for residential and outdoor kitchens.

From the groundbreaking resilience of NanoBond Molecular Titanium to the elegant performance of CopperBond Induction Copper and the workhorse of ProBond Clad Stainless, Chef Keller has come to rely on Hestan cookware’s durability and functionality.

Now we are raising the bar together. This is true culinary innovation born in the Napa Valley. We can’t wait to share what’s in store. Be the first to know (and get in on VIP deals). 


Aug 06, 2021