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NanoBond Story

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Handcrafted in Italy

Molecular Titanium

Hestan NanoBond is the first innovation of stainless steel cookware in over 100 years. Its revolutionary cooking surface is 400% stronger than stainless steel. Thousands of titanium nanolayers protect your cookware from stains and scratches – ensuring a lifetime of beauty.

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NanoBond was designed to deliver exceptional results in professional kitchens. If it can survive that test, it is sure to provide a lifetime of brilliant performance in yours. Not only is the cooking surface exceptionally resilient, it’s remarkably easy to clean – and flush rivets prevent food particle build up. NanoBond is ideal for high-heat cooking, up to 1050°F. So it’s perfect for searing meats or even cooking on the grill.

You’ll find NanoBond’s molecular titanium gleam in acclaimed kitchens across North America. Its incredible durability coupled with incomparable heat conduction deliver reliable performance dish after dish after dish – and it cleans up as good as new, ready to go again for the next shift. Its lighter weight and chef-friendly design cues like the French-inspired handle and flared rims make NanoBond an instant favorite on the line.

Why NanoBond

  • Titanium Strength
  • Heat Conduction
  • More Cooking Surface
  • High-Heat Tolerant

Titanium Strength

Molecular titanium is 400% stronger than traditional stainless steel. So there’s no need to worry about scratching or staining your beautiful new cookware. Sealed rims provide even more resilience – preventing splitting from too many clanging spoons. NanoBond is metal utensil safe and dishwasher safe. You can even clean it with steel wool.

Heat Conduction

NanoBond delivers 35% greater heat conduction than traditional aluminum-clad cookware, thanks to its high-performance aluminum ProCoreTM.

More Cooking Surface

The unique curvature of NanoBond’s sidewalls allow for a 20% greater cooking surface than skillets of the same size.

High-Heat Tolerant

NanoBond can safely handle temperatures up to 1050º F. So it’s the perfect pan for searing – or even open flame cooking.

NanoBond Technology

With 14 global patents and the highest standards in the industry for fit and finish, NanoBond features thousands of titanium-based nano layers bonded directly to clad stainless steel, inside and out. The resulting cooking surface ensures the brilliant titanium luster lasts for generations.

Titanium Attributes
Low Density
High Strength
Corrosion Resistant
  1. Thousands of NanoBond Layers
  2. 18/10 Stainless Steel Interior
  3. ProCoreTM Aluminum
  4. Induction Stainless Steel Exterior
  5. Thousands of NanoBond Layers


Design Features


Ideally weighted and French-inspired, ergonomic handle design for greater comfort and control.


Sealed and flared rims, encapsulated in stainless steel to prevent exposed aluminum, delamination or separation.


Interior flush rivets prevent food buildup and allowing for easy cleaning.


Pieces nest neatly within each other for easy storage.

Tech Features

Titanium Strength

400% stronger than stainless steel to prevent scratching from metal spoons or spatulas; it is also safe to clean with steel wool.

Superior Performance

Triple-bonded stainless steel construction with ProCoreTM aluminum delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than traditional aluminum clad cookware.

Lasting Beauty

5x the lifespan of stainless steel, maintaining beauty for a lifetime - guaranteed!

Toxin Free

Created in a high-heat vacuum chamber using a blend of titanium and chromium-based alloys, NanoBond's patented process is not only groundbreaking but also 100% toxin-free.